Sven-Goran Eriksson set to manage Liverpool: Anfield awaits cancer-stricken boss

Sven-Goran Eriksson, the former England boss, is set to fulfill his long-held dream of managing a Liverpool team from Anfield’s dugout. This opportunity will come during the LFC Legends charity match against Ajax Legends scheduled for March 23. This is part of the annual LFC Foundation charity event. The match will see the likes of … [Read more…]

Liverpool announcement possible ‘within days’ as deal takes priority over Mohamed Salah

The Liverpool manager’s impending departure after nine years at the end of the season sent shockwaves through the football world and raised questions about the futures of players who have pledged their loyalty to Klopp. This includes influential stars such as Alexander-Arnold, Virgil van Dijk, and Mohamed Salah, who have entered the final 18 months … [Read more…]

Alexis Mac Allister, estrella del Liverpool, se pronuncia sobre Jurgen Klopp jugándolo fuera de posición

Liverpool star Alexis Mac Allister has been tasked with playing in a deeper role this season. This is a change from his usual box-to-box midfield position, but he has adapted well to playing in front of the back four. Mac Allister expressed that while it is different from his usual role, he finds it easier … [Read more…]

Jurgen Klopp, entrenador del Liverpool, desata una diatriba ‘increíble’ contra el árbitro tras el colapso ante el Arsenal

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was unhappy with referee Anthony Taylor following Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat against Arsenal. Klopp felt that Taylor allowed Arsenal to get away with fouls similar to those that led to Ibrahima Konate being sent off. Klopp expressed frustration regarding several refereeing decisions which affected the game and ultimately impacted Liverpool’s position in … [Read more…]

Conor Bradley a rejeté Manchester United et a sauté une année scolaire pour mettre en place un transfert à Liverpool

Quattro anni dopo, i Reds sembrano aver scoperto una gemma nel terzino destro di 20 anni, che ha recitato da protagonista nella loro vittoria per 4-1 contro il Chelsea mercoledì sera. Nonostante l’enorme valore in milioni di sterline di talenti esposti ad Anfield, Bradley ha suscitato grande interesse a Merseyside dopo una brillante performance contro … [Read more…]

Virgil van Dijk rende la sua posizione sullo sfogo del Liverpool cristallina dopo il ‘grande annuncio’

Virgil van Dijk ha insistito sul fatto che le sue parole sono state prese fuori contesto. Il difensore olandese ha dichiarato che le sue parole che sembravano sollevare dubbi sul suo futuro a lungo termine al Liverpool sono state travisate. Van Dijk ha sottolineato che è pienamente impegnato nel club e ama i tifosi, aggiungendo … [Read more…]