Jamie Carragher rebuked on CBS Sports after consuming eight pints in Dortmund while intoxicated

The tone of a broadcast shifted when it became evident that one of the pundits had consumed a significant amount of alcohol. Jamie Carragher and Peter Schmeichel were conducting post-match interviews in the mixed zone but were repeatedly warned about their noise level. Carragher, in a jolly state, disclosed to presenter Kate Abdo that he … [Read more…]

Jamie Carragher embarrassed after Liverpool comment backfires in Atalanta defeat

This article contains affiliate links, and we will receive a commission on any sales generated. Jamie Carragher has been left red-faced following Liverpool’s defeat by Atalanta. His comments on the Europa League came back to bite him as Liverpool, who were favored to win the competition, suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Atalanta. … [Read more…]

Jamie Carragher responds to ‘exposed’ claim amid Arsenal fans uncovering Liverpool video.

Jamie Carragher has been accused of hypocrisy by Arsenal fans for his comments about the team’s celebrations after their win over Liverpool. Arsenal fans dug up an old video from 2018 in which Carragher praised Jurgen Klopp for celebrating a last-minute winner, leading to accusations of hypocrisy in light of his recent criticism. Carragher responded … [Read more…]