Jamie Carragher responds to ‘exposed’ claim amid Arsenal fans uncovering Liverpool video.

Jamie Carragher has been accused of hypocrisy by Arsenal fans for his comments about the team’s celebrations after their win over Liverpool. Arsenal fans dug up an old video from 2018 in which Carragher praised Jurgen Klopp for celebrating a last-minute winner, leading to accusations of hypocrisy in light of his recent criticism. Carragher responded by defending his comments and accusing his critics of being obsessed with his opinions. The video from 2018 shows Carragher praising Klopp for his celebration and mentioning other managers who have done the same.

This led to Arsenal fans accusing Carragher of hypocrisy and mocking him for his comments. Carragher doubled down on his claim that Arsenal overcelebrated their victory and issued a frosty response to one fan who shared the historic video. Carragher defended his comments by stating that Arsenal were 3-1 up against 10 men, unlike the last-minute winners he previously mentioned. He also mentioned that their celebrations have been a trademark of the team and suggested that Arsenal copying them shows they are on the right path.

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