Everton’s takeover delayed due to new timeline after latest points deduction

The proposed date for Everton’s takeover has reportedly been pushed back. Prospective Everton buyer 777 Partners, a Miami-based investment firm that owns sports assets, is scrambling to raise hundreds of millions of pounds to fund the deal. The company had initially aimed to complete the takeover by the end of this week, but the date … [Read more…]

Everton could start next season with a points deduction due to £6.5m Premier League dispute

This article contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Everton’s financial troubles have resulted in potential repercussions for the team’s performance in the upcoming season. They could face starting the next season with a deficit of points if the Premier League argues that their financial losses … [Read more…]

Everton’s appeal for Financial Fair Play granted, resulting in reduced points penalty.

Everton Football Club has received a verdict on their appeal against breaches of Financial Fair Play regulations. Earlier in the season, the club was hit with a 10-point deduction which placed them in the relegation zone. The appeal has been successful, and Everton will be handed four points back. The club has expressed particular satisfaction … [Read more…]