Everton’s appeal for Financial Fair Play granted, resulting in reduced points penalty.

Everton Football Club has received a verdict on their appeal against breaches of Financial Fair Play regulations. Earlier in the season, the club was hit with a 10-point deduction which placed them in the relegation zone.

The appeal has been successful, and Everton will be handed four points back. The club has expressed particular satisfaction with the Appeal Board’s decision to overturn the original finding that the club failed to act in utmost good faith.

In addition to reducing the points deduction, this was an important point of principle for the club on appeal. In response to the decision, Everton has reiterated its full commitment to cooperating with the Premier League regarding ongoing proceedings brought for the accounting period ending in June 2023.

The club is still considering the wider implications of the decision and has expressed gratitude to its Fan Advisory Board, other fan groups, and the supporters for their ongoing support and patience. Following the initial charges and points deduction, Everton faced a second charge for allegedly breaking Profitability and Sustainability rules.

The club maintains that it has been open and transparent in providing information to the Premier League and has respected the integrity of the process. It does not recognize the finding that it failed to act with the utmost good faith and questions the severity of the sanction imposed by the Commission, stating that it is not a fair or reasonable reflection of the evidence submitted.

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