Micah Richards breaks important rule during live TV interview about Thierry Henry

This article contains affiliate links, and we will receive a commission on any sales we generate from them. Micah Richards, a pundit for CBS Sports, was involved in an awkward conversation on the network.

He, along with Kate Abdo, Thierry Henry, and Jamie Carragher, were discussing upcoming matches when the conversation turned to their own contracts. Richards then directed a pointed look at Henry, prompting a response from the former footballer.

The talk shifted to Abdo’s new contract and Henry’s future with CBS, as he is also pursuing coaching opportunities with France’s Under-21 and Under-23 teams. Henry expressed uncertainty about his future and the necessity of a discussion before committing to punditry.

He emphasized the importance of their collaboration for the show’s success, stating that if one of them were to leave, the dynamic of the show would change. He also mentioned his satisfaction with CBS, despite uncertainties about his future.

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