New Football Laws: All You Need to Know about Blue Cards and Sin Bins

The Premier League could introduce blue cards in the future, as football’s rule makers plan to reveal trials for sin-bins and other measures to improve player behavior. The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is expected to publish protocols aimed at enhancing player conduct, including the introduction of sin-bins, which have been successfully tested at grassroots level. However, top-level competitions will not initially participate in the trials to prevent confusion among players.

The use of sin-bins is intended for specific offenses such as dissent and tactical fouls, and players would be sent to the technical area for 10 minutes. IFAB is also considering the introduction of blue cards, which would result in a player’s dismissal if they have already been booked, with two blue cards leading to dismissal as well. Aside from sin-bins and blue cards, other measures being explored include the concept of ‘captain only zones’, where referees could allow only team captains to enter when they feel threatened or intimidated.

Additionally, trials for ‘cooling-off’ periods are also being considered, involving sending teams to their penalty areas to calm down after a mass confrontation. Furthermore, there are plans to examine the enforcement of goalkeepers holding onto the ball for too long and how play should restart in such instances. The current rule allows goalkeepers to hold the ball for six seconds but there are concerns about its proper enforcement.

The IFAB’s plans to clarify and implement these measures will be discussed further today.

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