Mark Clattenburg criticizes Anthony Taylor over penalty calls for Liverpool and Forest

Mark Clattenburg has called out referee Anthony Taylor for what he sees as inconsistent treatment of penalty incidents involving Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. During a match at the City Ground, Forest were denied a penalty when Taiwo Awoniyi was brought down by Newcastle goalkeeper Martin Dubravka, and VAR did not overturn the decision. Clattenburg compared this incident to a similar one involving Liverpool, where a penalty was awarded when Diogo Jota was fouled by the same goalkeeper. Clattenburg believes that Forest had a stronger case for a penalty than Liverpool did.

He also criticized VAR for not intervening to correct the decision. This incident is part of a series of debatable decisions in the Premier League this season. Forest manager Nuno Espirito Santo expressed disappointment and frustration that the penalty was not given, describing it as a pivotal moment in the match and stating that it clearly changed the game’s outcome. Next, he emphasized his team’s positive performance and expressed disappointment in the few costly decisions that impacted the game.

Overall, Clattenburg’s commentary points to what he views as inconsistency and unfair treatment in refereeing decisions within the Premier League, particularly concerning penalty incidents involving different teams.

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