Champion star urges fans not to view celebration as ‘offensive’ in awkward mix-up.

Milan van Ewijk, a player for Coventry, recently had to clarify his actions following a celebration that some perceived as resembling a Nazi salute. After scoring in a match against Millwall, van Ewijk celebrated with teammate Haji Wright.

He then turned back to the crowd and made a gesture that prompted comparisons to a Nazi salute. However, he later explained that he had confused two different celebrations and urged fans not to be offended by his actions.

Coventry’s victory against Millwall placed them in the play-off picture, setting up an exciting second half of the season for the team. Following the controversy surrounding his celebration, van Ewijk joked about it on social media and posted a much less provocative image of himself performing a love-heart gesture to the fans.

Despite the incident, van Ewijk has been a key player for Coventry, scoring important goals in their matches. The team, led by manager Mark Robins, is determined to secure promotion after narrowly missing out in the previous season’s play-off final.

Robins praised the team’s performance against Millwall but also highlighted the need for improvements to the pitch. Overall, the text discusses a controversial celebration by Milan van Ewijk, the team’s recent victory, and their aspirations for the season.

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