Exploran la transferencia de Kylian Mbappe al Arsenal, también se estudia el movimiento al Liverpool

Kylian Mbappe has reportedly been contemplating a potential move to England. According to reports, Mbappe has been considering joining Arsenal or Liverpool as negotiations with Real Madrid have reached an impasse.

The footballer is expected to leave Paris Saint-Germain when his contract expires in the summer and has been linked with the Spanish giants for several years. Discussions have been ongoing behind the scenes, but Mbappe has yet to reach an agreement on personal terms with Real Madrid, as reported by The Independent.

While both parties are interested in finalizing a deal, Mbappe is reportedly unwilling to accept the current terms. PSG, on the other hand, has not given up hope of keeping Mbappe for a longer period, despite their expectation of his departure at the end of the season.

It remains uncertain where Mbappe will be playing his club football next season, with Real Madrid still appearing to be his most likely destination. However, it seems that an increased offer will need to be made in order to persuade Mbappe to join their ranks after years of speculation.

Mbappe’s reluctance to discuss the topic was highlighted earlier in the season when he stated, “It’s a question you can ask me today, in three days, in a week, a month, two or three months and it’s a question I will never answer.” Real Madrid’s coach Ancelotti has also maintained a cautious approach, stating, “I’m not going to comment about this topic.

No comment. You should know we don’t speak about it.”

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