Chelsea deny paying for manager’s flight and interviewing him for Pochettino’s job.

This article contains affiliate links and we will receive a commission on any sales resulting from it. Mauricio Pochettino is facing pressure to retain his position at Chelsea, as they currently sit ninth in the Premier League table with 48 points. The team has struggled to secure wins this season and must do so to have a chance at European football qualification.

Reports suggest that Chelsea could potentially replace Pochettino with Ruben Amorim, the Sporting boss, who has garnered interest from other clubs as well. However, Chelsea refutes claims of paying for Amorim’s flight or holding discussions with him. The pressure on Pochettino intensified after a heavy defeat to Arsenal and a winless run in their last three matches.

Chelsea is reportedly deliberating whether to retain Pochettino or seek an alternative for next season. They are considering a summer review to make their decision, with concerns about potential backlash from the team’s players if Pochettino is dismissed. The manager has been defending his team, acknowledging their struggle and suggesting that circumstances have played a role in their performance.

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