Mark Lawrenson criticizes BBC as “top of the woke league” and reveals reasons for his dismissal from MOTD punditry.

This article contains affiliate links, and we will receive a commission from any resulting sales. Learn more about this practice. Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson recently expressed his opinion that the BBC has become excessively “woke”, stating that they are “frightened to death” and at the “top of the woke league.” Lawrenson, who had worked for the BBC for 30 years and was a regular on Match of the Day and Football Focus, left in 2022 after the broadcaster chose not to renew his contract.

During an interview on the Ben Heath podcast, he discussed the perceived changes at the BBC and mentioned that the corporation’s integrity is getting compromised. He also referenced the situation that led to the suspension of BBC presenter Gary Lineker for criticising the government’s asylum policy, noting that Lineker was later reinstated following pressure from former players. Lawrenson further elaborated on the perceived climate at the BBC, expressing his discomfort with the perceived restrictions on expressing personal opinions and referencing the changing landscape in the media industry. He shared his view that the world has changed significantly and mentioned former colleague Alan Hansen, who chose to retire after the World Cup in Brazil, suggesting that he too had noticed a shift in the working environment.

In summary, Mark Lawrenson’s critical comments about the BBC’s perceived “wokeness” and the impact of these changes on the freedom of expression and the working climate within the corporation sparked a debate about the evolving media landscape.

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