Bricks Thrown at Arsenal Players in Wild North London Derby

This article contains affiliate links, and we will receive a commission on any sales generated from it. Arsenal clinched the Premier League title at White Hart Lane in 2004, sparking wild scenes both on and off the pitch.

They made a flying start to the match, racing into a two-goal lead, but Tottenham managed to pull a goal back and secure a draw with a stoppage-time penalty from Robbie Keane. Arsenal left the stadium amidst dangerous incidents, with a brick thrown at their bus, narrowly missing Dennis Bergkamp.

Arsenal’s on-pitch celebrations further aggravated the baying home crowd, despite being asked by Arsene Wenger not to celebrate. Thierry Henry initially had no plans to celebrate, but a change of heart came when he witnessed Tottenham’s Mauricio Taricco celebrating a draw.

This led to Henry deciding to celebrate, despite the potential chaos it could cause. The intense rivalry between the two clubs was evident in the post-match incidents, with both sets of fans displaying strong emotions.

The history of this iconic north London derby continues to fuel the competitive spirit between the teams.

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