Pochettino criticizes Chelsea bosses and receives no response from Todd Boehly.

The future of Mauricio Pochettino at Chelsea is uncertain. He has expressed the need for the entire organization to take responsibility for the club’s current situation. Pochettino highlighted that certain critical decisions, such as the club’s transfer strategy, are beyond his control and are overseen by the co-sporting directors.

Despite the significant investment in player transfers, Chelsea is on course for a mid-table finish, leading to criticism of Pochettino for the team’s inconsistency. Pochettino emphasized that while he acknowledges his accountability, there are aspects of the club where he does not have influence. He stressed that everyone needs to improve and take responsibility, expressing that he does not have complete authority over the club’s decisions.

With six Premier League games remaining, Pochettino is under pressure after recent losses in the Carabao Cup final and the FA Cup semi-finals. He mentioned that there has been minimal communication with the club’s owners, indicating a lack of encouragement from them. Pochettino’s future at Chelsea remains uncertain, with potential candidates being considered in case of his dismissal.

The team currently sits in ninth place in the Premier League, with the possibility of finishing as high as sixth. Chelsea faces a challenging game against Aston Villa in their upcoming match.

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