John Terry’s questioning about racism and a revisit of the investigation on Anton Ferdinand

John Terry spoke to Simon Jordan this week about the incident involving Anton Ferdinand in 2011. He had not previously spoken publicly about the accusations, which led to a criminal trial.

In an episode of Simon Jordan’s Up Front podcast, Terry discussed the saga and his perception of the fairness of the trial. Terry declared that he did not receive a fair trial and expressed frustration about the FA process.

He highlighted discrepancies between the court of law and the FA’s actions and emphasized the lack of access to evidence and support from board members. According to Terry, it was evident from the beginning that a fair trial was not likely.

In a 2020 documentary, Anton Ferdinand spoke about the trial’s impact on his life, claiming he felt marginalized by authorities. Terry disputed previous claims that he had not attempted to contact Ferdinand, stating that he reached out to him after the match at Loftus Road with no response.

He expressed regret that they could have united against racism in a more impactful way. Terry’s comments have sparked a mixed reaction, with some questioning why it took him 13 years to share his perspective.

Ferdinand has not yet responded to Terry’s claims.

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