Chelsea players face FA complaint for wild superstitious behavior involving urinals

Over the past 20 years, Chelsea’s success has been attributed to various factors such as the financial backing of Roman Abramovich, hiring elite-level managers, and acquiring world-class players. However, according to a former captain of the team, there was another peculiar factor that contributed to the club’s rise in European football. John Terry, who played a key role in the club’s five Premier League title-winning seasons, revealed a pre-match ritual that involved using the same urinal as a superstition.

The routine inadvertently led to the players entering the field late, prompting concerns from the Football Association. Terry, admitting to being superstitious, shared that he and Frank Lampard started the ritual by using the same urinal for good luck. This unusual routine eventually involved several players, causing a delay in their pre-match preparations.

Despite being approached by the authorities over the team’s late arrivals, Terry felt too embarrassed to explain the true reason. In a different context, former Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Goycochea had a unique superstition during the 1990 World Cup. Before penalty shootouts, Goycochea relieved himself on the pitch as a ritual, which he attributed to bringing them luck.

This unconventional act became a pre-shootout routine for him, and Argentina found success in those matches. These stories illustrate the extent to which superstitions and rituals can influence athletes, both in their individual performances and team dynamics.

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