Chelsea may gain advantage over Man Utd if Todd Boehly dismisses Mauricio Pochettino

Qualification for the Champions League has been a forgettable season for both Chelsea and United. Chelsea fell out of the race early, while United’s hopes of finishing in the qualification spots dimmed, with the team now 13 points behind fourth-placed Aston Villa with five games remaining.

Despite the potential for United to secure the FA Cup, there is talk of a possible change in leadership, with reports suggesting that former Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel could replace current manager Ten Hag. Furthermore, there are indications that Tuchel is open to a potential return to the Premier League, particularly if approached by Boehly.

Tuchel’s departure from Chelsea was marked by a tumultuous relationship, yet he has expressed his love for the club in an emotional letter to the fans after leaving. The potential for Tuchel’s return to west London may be influenced by Pochettino’s future, as Chelsea’s recent poor performance has placed his job under threat.

Should Chelsea be in the market for a new manager, Tuchel could emerge as a leading candidate due to his previous success with the club.

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