Chelsea abandon their own important rule following a disastrous Pochettino year.

Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea has implemented a significant change in their transfer policy. It has been noted that the team’s young squad has struggled under Pochettino and faces the prospect of another season without European football. According to Chelsea expert Simon Phillips, the team solely targeted players under the age of 25 during last summer’s spending spree of over £1 billion, aiming to kickstart a new era under Pochettino.

However, with a noticeable lack of experience across the team, this policy has been altered in preparation for another summer of upheaval. Pochettino’s initial transfer window at Stamford Bridge saw as many as 12 players aged 25 or younger join, with an estimated combined cost of £400 million. The club has heavily invested in young players over the past two years, and while it’s unlikely that they will completely change course and seek out players in their thirties, the departure of experienced players like Thiago Silva, who arrived as a successful free transfer in 2020, could leave a significant void.

Pochettino responded to questions about his team’s performance at the Emirates by stating that he did not feel let down or embarrassed, citing numerous details and circumstances contributing to the outcome. He emphasized the need for the team to learn from the experience in order to progress in the future. Pochettino also highlighted that the club is constructing a new project and a different operational approach.

He acknowledged the inherent risks of building a young squad, especially in the current circumstances, and stressed the importance of being fair to the players despite disappointment with their performance.

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