Wayne Rooney criticizes Virgil van Dijk over interview, expressing concern about Liverpool star’s remarks.

The Liverpool team expressed disappointment in their performance, particularly after their recent loss against Everton in the Merseyside derby. The defeat highlighted their struggles in winning challenges and giving the referee opportunities to award free-kicks. The team acknowledged that if they continue to play in this manner, their chances of winning the title are slim. They also emphasized the need to improve their performance, especially against teams fighting against relegation, as they look forward to their upcoming fixtures.

Their manager, Jurgen Klopp, expressed frustration with the scheduling of Saturday lunchtime matches and pointed out the team’s tendency to struggle after such early kick-offs. Klopp emphasized the importance of quickly moving on from defeats and preparing for the next game, rather than dwelling on the timing of the matches. The match itself saw Liverpool falling behind as Everton scored goals in the first and second half. Liverpool missed several chances and were unable to capitalize on opportunities, ultimately leading to their defeat.

The result leaves Liverpool trailing behind in the title race, with Arsenal leading and Manchester City closely following.

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