Two Premier League Players Suspended by Club after Arrests Over Alleged Rape

Two footballers suspected of rape have been suspended by their Premier League club after being released on bail, per reports. The players, who reportedly belong to the same team, were arrested last weekend following a reported rape incident. According to The Sun, police officers visited the club’s stadium to speak with one player, who was allowed to leave with another person after a brief interview. The player was later arrested on suspicion of assault and aiding and abetting a rape and spent the night in custody before being questioned by detectives.

Another player was arrested the next day on suspicion of rape. Both players were released on bail and subsequently suspended by their club, as reported by The Sun. The club is said to be discussing the next steps in response to the situation. A spokesperson for the club indicated that, as the matter is now with the police, the football club will refrain from making further comments at this stage.

A police spokesperson confirmed the arrest of the two men following a reported rape, with one man arrested on suspicion of assault and aiding and abetting a rape, and the other on suspicion of rape. Both men have been released on police bail. According to the report, the alleged victim contacted the police a few hours after the incident, which reportedly occurred on a Friday. A formal complaint was filed before the two players were arrested, questioned, and released on bail.

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