Chelsea’s position on firing Mauricio Pochettino is revealed after Arsenal’s overwhelming victory

Mauricio Pochettino is reportedly under pressure at Chelsea following a heavy defeat to Arsenal. The team’s recent results, including a loss in the FA Cup final, have left them struggling in the Premier League. The club’s inconsistency, coupled with potential financial difficulties, has raised concerns about Pochettino’s future.

Chelsea’s owners and sporting directors are expected to assess Pochettino’s tenure at the end of the season. After the defeat against Arsenal, Pochettino expressed frustration with the club’s processes and defended the players despite their poor performance. This comes amid the team’s struggle to secure a European football spot for the next season.

The club’s erratic form, potential player sales, and financial pressures are all factors that will be considered in the decision-making process. Pochettino’s future at Chelsea remains uncertain as the team faces a critical period in the Premier League.

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