Premier League players arrested by police for alleged rape

Two Premier League footballers have been arrested after an alleged rape was reported to the police. The unnamed duo, who play for the same club, have reportedly been released on bail pending further enquiries. One 19-year-old player was spoken to by police in a private room at the stadium before leaving with another individual and being formally arrested on suspicion of assault and aiding and abetting a rape, according to The Sun.

The player then spent the night in custody before being interviewed by detectives under caution. The alleged incident is reported to have taken place on Friday night. The players’ alleged victim reportedly contacted police on the night of the alleged incident and filed a formal complaint.

It is not yet clear whether the Premier League pair have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, although the top-flight club concerned are thought to be in conversation about appropriate ‘next steps’. This article contains affiliate links, and we will receive a commission on any sales generated from it. Learn more.

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