ITV’s Nightmare: ‘Met Police Intervene’ in Man Utd vs Man City FA Cup Final

The FA Cup final kick-off time is reportedly set to be changed for the second year in a row due to concerns about potential fan trouble. This decision would create scheduling challenges for rights holders ITV, as it conflicts with the European Champions Cup final. Last year, the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Manchester City was rescheduled to 3pm, and this adjustment might happen again this year.

The Metropolitan Police are worried that a later kick-off time could lead to fan disturbances in and around Wembley. Despite potential broadcasting benefits, an early evening slot is likely to be disregarded due to these safety concerns. In addition to the clash with the European Champions Cup final, this potential schedule change poses a dilemma for ITV, who also hold the broadcasting rights to rugby union’s European Champions Cup final.

Conflict between these events could result in the rugby match being moved to a different channel, which would negatively impact ITV’s viewership. However, the European Champions Cup organizers are reluctant to change the kick-off time due to other commitments on the same day. Discussions between key stakeholders, including the police, the local council, and broadcasters, are ongoing, and the official kick-off time for the FA Cup final will be announced later this week.

This decision may impact the scheduling and broadcasting of other events. Last year, Manchester City emerged victorious against Manchester United in the FA Cup final, and they are set to face off again this year. City secured their spot in this year’s final by defeating Chelsea in the semi-finals.

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