Bernardo Silva of Manchester City accuses FA in angry outburst, according to reports.

Silva is frustrated with the scheduling of the FA Cup semi-final for Manchester City, which took place just three days after their Champions League match against Real Madrid. In contrast, Manchester United had an eight-day break before their semi-final.

Silva believes that the FA did not consider player well-being and has criticized the scheduling as “unacceptable.” He expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of recovery time and the disadvantage of facing Chelsea, who had more rest.

Silva emphasizes the need for the authorities to demonstrate more respect towards teams like City, who represent English football in Europe’s major competitions. He stresses that prioritizing player health is essential and highlights the physical strain he experienced during the matches.

In addition, Silva argues that it is vital for the FA to pay attention to these details as English teams compete in European tournaments, and their success is important for the country and other clubs. He urges the FA to consider the impact of scheduling on player welfare and the representation of English football on the European stage.

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