Rotherham vs Birmingham game interrupted due to medical emergency in the crowd, players leave pitch

The match between Rotherham United and Birmingham City was stopped in the first half due to a medical emergency in the crowd. The players were taken off the pitch and the game resumed 30 minutes later. The fan involved in the incident left the stadium with the medical team after a 20-minute suspension.

Rotherham United’s official account thanked everyone for their compassion and patience and expressed their love and thoughts for the casualty. Rotherham United later expressed their gratitude online to the paramedics, medical professionals, and both sets of supporters for their compassionate handling of the situation. They confirmed the match stoppage at 3:10pm and stated that there was a temporary pause due to a medical emergency in the crowd.

The match restarted at 3:45pm with the score still at 0-0. This incident occurred on a significant day for Rotherham United as they welcomed back former manager Steve Evans to the club. Despite this, their relegation has already been confirmed, dampening the significance of the match.

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