Pep Guardiola criticizes ‘unacceptable’ FA Cup decision in conversation with Gary Lineker

Pep Guardiola expressed his frustration following Manchester City’s FA Cup semi-final victory over Chelsea, criticizing the football authorities for the team’s tight schedule. He emphasized the impact on the players’ health and the emotional toll of playing again just 72 hours after their Champions League exit.

Guardiola highlighted the disparity in rest days compared to other teams and questioned the decision-making process. He emphasized the need to prioritize players’ well-being as well as preserve the prestige of the FA Cup, expressing his struggles as a manager and the difficulties of preparing the team for such a crucial match.

Guardiola’s concerns were met with a suggestion to rotate the squad from Alan Shearer, to which Guardiola pointed out his previous experience with making changes, emphasizing the challenging nature of the situation. Despite facing some challenges during the game, Manchester City secured a win and advanced to the FA Cup final, where they will meet either Coventry or Manchester United.

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