Liverpool legend refuses to reconcile with former teammate despite accepting apology in football news.

This article includes affiliate links and we will earn a commission on any resulting sales. John Arne Riise has admitted that he will never be friends with former Liverpool team-mate Craig Bellamy. He finds it peculiar when Bellamy publicly discusses the infamous incident in which he assaulted Riise with a golf club following a disagreement.

Despite the altercation, both players scored in Liverpool’s subsequent victory at Camp Nou, leading to a lasting connection between their names. While Riise has forgiven Bellamy, he prefers to keep him out of his life and expressed surprise at Bellamy’s recounting of the event, emphasizing that Bellamy was intoxicated at the time and implying that his version may not be entirely accurate. Riise acknowledged that the incident was out of character for Bellamy and that forgiveness is possible, but he has chosen not to be friends with Bellamy and wishes him well.

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