Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United compels Danny Murphy to retract his comments in Football News.

The article contains affiliate links, which means that a commission will be received on any sales generated from it. BBC pundit Danny Murphy has admitted that he was wrong about Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes, praising his leadership capabilities and performance.

Murphy and Gary Neville had previously criticized Fernandes, with Murphy particularly noting his “petulance” during matches. However, Murphy now acknowledges Fernandes as Manchester United’s best player and a key asset for the team’s success.

Murphy wrote in the Daily Mail, acknowledging Fernandes’ significant role in the team’s recent matches and his impressive record in the Premier League, despite playing for a struggling United team. He also expressed understanding for Fernandes’ frustrations, attributing them to the team’s lack of cohesion.

These recent comments from Murphy contrast his previous opinion, in which he claimed that United would not win a major title with Fernandes as captain. However, Murphy now recognizes Fernandes’ form on the pitch and dedication to the club, earning his respect in the process.

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