FA accused of dishonesty regarding FA Cup replays as English football faces potential civil conflict.

The recent decision to scrap FA Cup replays has led to considerable criticism and backlash across the English football community. Millwall chief Steve Kavanagh has publicly questioned the Football Association (FA) over their assertion that all parties agreed to this decision, stating that he had no advance warning and accusing the FA of deflecting blame. Kavanagh emphasized that the scrapping of replays was part of a larger conversation around calendar issues and redistribution, aiming to achieve a fairer distribution for the entire pyramid.

He expressed frustration at being left empty-handed and refuted the FA’s attempt to shift blame onto others, calling for the FA to reconsider their representation of the full pyramid. In response to the criticism, the FA stated that the Professional Game Board was part of the process and approved the changes. They emphasized that discussions with the Premier League and EFL regarding the calendar had been ongoing for well over a year, and all parties had accepted the need to remove FA Cup replays, aiming to strengthen competitions and maintain player welfare.

Reportedly, some lower-league clubs have contemplated boycotting the FA Cup in response to the replays being scrapped, although this is considered unlikely due to the potential implications on solidarity payments from the Premier League. Fans have also voiced opposition to the changes, with some expressing their discontent on social media and others making their dissatisfaction known at games, such as a group of Oxford United supporters holding up a protest banner during a match. The decision to remove FA Cup replays has led to a divisive and contentious debate within English football, with stakeholders and fans expressing varied opinions and responses.

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