Chelsea legend involved in ‘crazy gang’, connected to Love Island and loses £3m from punch.

Dennis Wise, now 57 years old, gained a reputation as a tough midfielder in the 1980s and 1990s. He made a name for himself at Wimbledon, a club known as the ‘Crazy Gang’ due to their aggressive playing style and off-field shenanigans. The team, which won the FA Cup in 1988, frequently made headlines for their unconventional behavior, which was often deemed unprofessional by the media. Wise reminisced about their antics in 2014, recalling instances such as setting off fireworks in hotels, putting Vaseline on car windows, and burning a teammate’s bag.

He acknowledged that such behavior would not be tolerated in today’s football environment. In addition to his own reality television appearances, Wise’s daughter Amber appeared on Love Island. During her time on the show, she experienced heartbreak and Wise commented that she had not yet brought a boyfriend home, hinting at his readiness to channel his ‘Crazy Gang’ side if necessary.

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