Sky Sports makes error by revealing Arsenal and Liverpool match results against Wolves and Fulham prematurely.

Arsenal is set to face off against Wolves this Saturday. Following Chelsea’s win over Everton, the broadcaster mistakenly factored in the results of two games that hadn’t been played yet. Gunners’ fans jokingly feared another two-goal loss that could potentially end their title chances. Liverpool’s statistics also seemed to have been affected, with their game with Fulham on Sunday being factored in prematurely.

The premature three points for Fulham had them placed 10th, up from their current position of 12th. Despite Liverpool’s goal difference only decreasing by one, Fulham’s rose from -2 to zero, suggesting a bonus goal. Some Man City fans humorously celebrated the new table, as they were inadvertently given a game in hand after returning to the top of the table. Pep Guardiola’s team will not be in league action on Saturday due to their FA Cup semi-final clash with Chelsea at Wembley.

The broadcaster’s error has been ridiculed by supporters of multiple clubs, with jokes about the “leaked” results for the weekend. Sky’s dominance in English football has declined with the emergence of TNT Sports. The Premier League has finalized a new four-year deal with both companies, as well as the BBC, for the rights to show live football and free-to-air highlights from the 2025/26 season. TNT Sports will cover 52 live matches per season.

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