Troy Deeney makes surprise career move by entering £160k UK Open Pool Championship

Troy Deeney, the former Watford captain and recently sacked manager of Forest Green Rovers, has been granted a wildcard to compete in the UK Open Pool Championship at the Telford International Centre in May. After seeking a route into another sport, Deeney has been offered the opportunity to make his competitive pool debut. Deeney expressed his excitement for the chance, mentioning his positive relationship with Matchroom and his enjoyment of playing pool. He also discussed his transition out of football and his interest in exploring other sports.

Despite his limited time to play pool during his football career, Deeney looks forward to the opportunity to participate in the championship. Although Deeney admits to not being the best pool player during his time at Watford, he acknowledged the skill of his former teammates Craig Cathcart and Ben Foster. Deeney also highlighted the similarities between football and pool, emphasizing the importance of precision and understanding in both sports. Overall, Deeney’s unexpected shift from football to pool has generated interest and curiosity among his fans and the sporting community.

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