Footballer refuses to board team bus and storms off home, a Liverpool flop

Werder Bremen midfielder Naby Keita, a former Liverpool player, caused a stir when he opted to leave the team bus and head home after learning that he wasn’t in the starting lineup for their match against Bayer Leverkusen. This incident has put him in hot water with the club.

Keita, who has struggled with fitness issues, has only made five appearances for Bremen this season. Clemens Fritz, the sporting director of Werder Bremen, confirmed the incident and mentioned that they would discuss the consequences with Keita and his agent.

In Keita’s absence, Bremen suffered a heavy defeat to Leverkusen, who secured a 5-0 victory and marked the end of Bayern Munich’s dominance in the league. Keita’s performance this season adds to a series of disappointments in his career, following a high-profile transfer to Liverpool in 2018 for £59million.

After failing to make the desired impact at Liverpool, he moved to Werder Bremen on a free transfer. However, reports suggest that he has yet to impress the club’s management due to issues with conduct and punctuality.

Earlier reports also indicated that Keita had been late for training and declined to participate in promotional events. Currently, Werder Bremen is positioned in 12th place in the Bundesliga table after a lackluster season.

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