Everton saves £10m by Dele Alli joining Sky Sports MNF, avoiding payment to Tottenham.

This article contains affiliate links, with sales generating a commission. Alli, who has not played this season, will provide punditry for Everton’s Premier League clash with Chelsea on Monday. As part of Alli’s deal with Everton, Tottenham negotiated a clause that would see them paid £10m if the 28-year-old made 20 top-flight appearances.

However, injuries and a loss of form mean Alli will not reach that figure. Everton have seven matches remaining in the fight against Premier League relegation, theoretically giving Alli the chance to reach 20 games. However, it is widely expected that Alli will be released by Everton at the end of the season, meaning Spurs will not get their £10m from the deal.

Tottenham were due £10m if Dele Alli made 20 appearances for Everton. Alli has faced challenges in recent years, experiencing a decline in form and personal difficulties. In a candid interview with Gary Neville, he admitted to past experiences of abuse as a child and undergoing rehabilitation for mental health issues.

Alli was plagued by a groin injury at Besiktas and was initially scheduled to return in the new year after surgery. However, a series of setbacks have prevented him from playing a part in Everton’s challenging season, with the team battling for safety due to an eight-point deduction.

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