Wayne Rooney’s bizarre insult towards teammate Luke Littler during football link-up makes headlines.

This article includes affiliate links and we will earn a commission for any resulting sales. Wayne Rooney made his debut for Girth N Turf FC on Sunday.

The team was established by influencers Yung Filly and Angry Ginge to create content for their platforms, often playing with and against well-known figures. Pro Clubs is a mode in the popular football video game, in which friends can play on the same team with custom names and kits, progressing through divisions against others online.

Teenage darts prodigy Luke Littler is a permanent member of the squad and has received praise for displaying a different side of his character. Rooney’s involvement with Girth N Turf generated significant attention and garnered a strong reaction from the online community.

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Rooney’s humorous comment during the audio chat led to laughter among the participants, including fan Angry Ginge. However, it was all in good fun, as he expressed a willingness to make another appearance if invited back by the team.

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