Mikel Arteta accepts Aston Villa defeat as Arsenal boss concedes Man City title fate

Arsenal have handed Man City the title advantage, following a significant turn of events in the Premier League. Arsenal’s recent success was derailed by a 1-0 loss against Crystal Palace at Anfield, which has given City the upper hand in the title race.

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s manager, acknowledged the competitive nature of the Premier League, highlighting that their previous 10 wins out of 11 matches would have placed them comfortably ahead in most other leagues. Nonetheless, he emphasized that the situation is now under their control and it is vital to focus on their response.

Earlier in the week, Liverpool also suffered a setback, experiencing their second home defeat in a matter of days. This loss has significantly impacted Jurgen Klopp’s prospects of securing a second Premier League title in his farewell season.

The unexpected slip-ups by both Arsenal and Liverpool have paved the way for City to capitalize and potentially secure an advantage in the title race. The pressure is now on Arsenal to bounce back, with the manager stressing the importance of their reaction to the recent turn of events.

As they aim to regain their momentum, the upcoming matches against Wolves and Chelsea will be crucial in determining their position in the title race. On the other hand, City’s upcoming fixture against Brighton and Hove Albion could further solidify their advantage.

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