Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney lament missing Wrexham promotion in football: Sport in Express.co.uk

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney watched from a distance as Wrexham achieved a second consecutive promotion. The team’s victory secured their promotion to League One, with a 6-0 win against Forest Green Rovers and favorable outcomes in other matches.

The Hollywood owners were absent, likely due to the dependency on other match results for this promotion. Despite their absence, the team’s triumph was celebrated on social media by both owners, expressing their emotions and appreciation for the town and its supporters.

Reynolds also acknowledged the significance of the achievement and its impact on the community, referring to Wrexham as magical. Reynolds and McElhenney’s emotional reactions continued on social media, with posts reflecting their astonishment and admiration for the players’ dedication.

They also acknowledged the hard work of the individuals behind the scenes and praised the town’s passionate support. In their Instagram posts, both owners expressed their amazement at the players’ perseverance and the team’s exceptional performance, conveying their admiration for Wrexham’s achievement.

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