Arsenal wonderkid scores four goals in one game for the third time in a month.

Chidozie Obi-Martin, a young talent for Arsenal’s youth teams, has garnered attention for his impressive goal-scoring performances. Playing a year up, the 16-year-old has netted an impressive 19 goals from 14 appearances in the U18 Premier League.

Notably, he recently scored five goals in a single match, marking the fourth time in less than a month that he has scored four or more goals in a game, showcasing his exceptional talent and form. This rising star has also contributed with assists, setting up two goals for his teammates.

His standout performances have drawn admiration, with many recognizing his potential for a successful career. There is particular speculation about his international allegiance, as he is eligible to represent Denmark, Nigeria, or England.

Coaches and observers have lauded his physical attributes and goal-scoring prowess, highlighting his potential for future success. Jesper Mikkelsen, the coach of the Denmark under-17 team, praised Obi-Martin’s physicality and goal-scoring desire, noting the challenges and advantages that come with his playing style.

Despite his dominance on the field, there is acknowledgment of the need for balance in his game to complement his individual goal-scoring efforts.

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