Man City suffer from UEFA rule change as Real Madrid escapes punishment

Manchester City held Real Madrid to a 3-3 draw on Tuesday night, a result that left them feeling hard done by. The team had put in a strong performance, scoring three goals away from home, yet the draw did not reflect this achievement. Instead, they returned to the Etihad with a result that felt no different than a goalless draw.

The absence of fans at the Emirates Stadium was felt profoundly by the players, as highlighted by Harry Kane. The ban on Bayern supporters affected the atmosphere, with Kane remarking that it was “hard with no fans” and “strange to have no-one there for us.” This sentiment underscores the significance of fan support for teams.

If away goals held more weight in the scoring system, Manchester City would have been able to celebrate their 2-2 draw against Real Madrid as a significant achievement. However, the current rules did not fully reflect the team’s performance.

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