Rio Ferdinand accuses PSG star of committing ‘crime’ in Barcelona defeat

The article discusses Rio Ferdinand’s criticism of Gianluigi Donnarumma’s performance during PSG’s game against Barcelona. Ferdinand accused Donnarumma of not claiming a corner that led to Barcelona’s winning goal, calling it a ‘crime’. Donnarumma’s failure to claim the ball from the corner and his hesitance in claiming crosses throughout the game were highlighted as contributing factors to PSG’s defeat. Former Chelsea star Andreas Christensen scored the decisive goal for Barcelona, leading them to a 3-2 advantage heading into the second leg.

Despite PSG initially taking a lead, an equalizer from Barcelona’s Raphinha and Christensen’s winning header ultimately brought PSG to a defeat. Ferdinand and fellow pundit Peter Crouch expressed their views on Donnarumma’s performance, with Crouch emphasizing that Christensen saw his header as a certain goal due to the space allowed by Donnarumma. Overall, the criticism of Donnarumma’s performance centered on his failure to claim the corner, which was attributed to his lack of confidence following earlier mistakes. Ferdinand and Crouch both highlighted the impact of Donnarumma’s hesitance to claim crosses and the subsequent consequences during the game.

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