Premier League clubs unanimously agree to VAR change following Liverpool controversy

Premier League clubs have unanimously voted in favor of introducing semi-automated offside technology for the next season. This decision came after several high-profile offside errors, including the disallowed goal of Liverpool star Luis Diaz in a match against Tottenham.

The new technology aims to provide quicker and more consistent placement of the virtual offside line, enhancing the in-stadium and broadcast experience for supporters. The semi-automated offsides, previously used in the 2022 World Cup and adopted by Serie A and La Liga, are expected to speed up the process of deciding offside offenses during goal build-ups.

However, the technology will not be ready for the start of the season, as the Premier League is transitioning to a new provider for the offside technology. The introduction of this new system is anticipated after one of the autumn international breaks.

The decision to implement semi-automated offside technology follows feedback from managers, players, and supporters about the prolonged time taken to confirm offside decisions. The technology will rely on optical player tracking to produce high-quality broadcast graphics and ensure an improved viewing experience for fans.

The Premier League’s move to adopt this technology aligns with similar transitions made by other elite competitions. This decision comes in the wake of widespread calls for improved accuracy and efficiency in determining offside plays, aiming to prevent further controversial errors.

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