Longest Football Scarf in the World Measures 100 Meters

The world’s longest football club scarf has been created, measuring 100 meters long. The scarf features the crests of 74 teams from across the country, including EFL teams and Scottish favorites like Celtic and Rangers.

This impressive accessory was created to celebrate the launch of Kellogg’s Football Camps, which are being held in partnership with the EFL, Manchester City, Rangers, and Celtic. Ex-professional footballers, including Jermaine Beckford and Michael Dawson, came together at Birmingham City’s stadium with children from local schools to showcase the football merchandise.

Michael Dawson expressed his excitement about the opportunity for kids to have fun during school breaks, emphasizing the advantage of the EFL’s presence in many different communities across the country. Kellogg’s is offering 30,000 free places on the football camps, in response to the finding that 59 percent of parents struggle to entertain their children during the summer holidays.

The company aims to help children experience less screen time and recognize the importance of team sports in learning valuable life skills.

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