Premier League clubs receive memo from counter terrorist police after scary ISIS threat.

This article contains affiliate links, and we will receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Counter-terrorism police have reportedly provided guidance to Premier League clubs following threats made by ISIS ahead of this week’s Champions League fixtures. The terrorist group had published threats to carry out attacks at football matches across Europe, listing specific stadiums as possible targets.

Consequently, the clubs participating in this week’s Champions League games have heightened their security measures, and similar actions are expected to be taken in the Premier League. According to reports, counter-terrorism police have offered safety guidance to clubs in England’s top flight. Clubs were encouraged to review their security procedures with a focus on readiness and response plans at their home venues.

It is said that a significant number of Premier League teams are now conducting internal reviews of their policies and procedures. Staff members were advised to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to authorities or security staff. The clubs were also advised to ensure they had plans in place to deal with an attack should one occur at their home stadium.

This proactive approach stems from recent ISIS threats and an attack at a concert hall in Russia. The police stated they had a robust plan in place for a particular Champions League game, which reportedly proceeded without incident. Deputy assistant commissioner Ade Adelekan emphasized the UK terrorism threat level remaining at ‘substantial,’ indicating a likelihood of an attack.

He reassured the public that the police had a strong plan in place for the match, and they were working closely with the club’s security team to ensure the event’s safety.

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