Mikel Arteta tells star to keep word in Saka injury update at Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta addressed questions about injuries and transfers ahead of Arsenal’s upcoming match against Brighton. He provided an update on Bukayo Saka’s injury, stating that the winger missed the previous game and the team would have to wait for the results of Friday’s training session to determine his fitness for the next match. Arteta also discussed midfielder Thomas Partey, who has been linked with potential moves to Saudi Arabia and Italy.

The coach emphasized the importance of Partey committing to the team and urged him to focus on the club’s goals, expressing his happiness with Partey’s contribution to the team. Partey, after Arsenal’s win over Luton, reaffirmed his commitment to the club despite the ongoing speculation about his future. He stated that he is happy at Arsenal and intends to continue playing for the club, emphasizing his dedication to the team.

Regarding Saka’s fitness, Arteta expressed optimism and positive expectations about the winger’s recovery, acknowledging that minor injuries are part of the game. He praised Saka’s determination and excitement for future opportunities, indicating a strong belief in his potential impact on the team. Overall, Arteta’s messages conveyed a sense of optimism about the team’s prospects and the players’ commitment to the club, while also addressing the ongoing speculation surrounding potential transfers.

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