Man Utd boss reaches boiling point after Chelsea defeat as Erik ten Hag snub highlights frustrations.

The article contains affiliate links, which earn a commission on any generated sales. Erik ten Hag’s reaction to Manchester United’s defeat at Chelsea reflected immense pressure. The team appeared to be heading for victory before disaster struck in stoppage time. After United led 3-2, the dramatic turn of events led to a devastating loss, placing them 11 points behind fourth-place Aston Villa and trailing Tottenham Hotspur by nine.

The post-match actions of ten Hag, who reportedly rushed down the tunnel to avoid the spotlight, indicated the intense pressure he was under. Reports suggest that ten Hag chose not to shake hands with Mauricio Pochettino, displaying his disbelief at the match’s outcome. On the other hand, Pochettino seemed to revel in his team’s success. United’s recurring failure to maintain a lead has contributed significantly to their difficult season.

This is exemplified by their recent match against Brentford, where they conceded a late equalizer after leading 1-0.

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