Barcelona and PSG refuse post-game interviews following racist Yamal ‘joke’

Paragraph 1:
Lamine Yamal, a 16-year-old Barcelona player, was the target of a racist comment made by a pundit during a live broadcast on the Spanish channel Movistar. This occurred after Yamal’s impressive performance in Barcelona’s 3-2 win against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League quarter-final.

Paragraph 2:
The offensive comment was made by former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper and pundit, German ‘Mono’ Burgos, who suggested that without success in football, Yamal would end up at a traffic light. This remark sparked laughter from other TV guests and led to boycotts from players, staff, and officials of both Barcelona and PSG during post-match interviews with Movistar.

Paragraph 3:
Ricardo Sierra, a presenter for Movistar, acknowledged the teams’ decision not to speak to the broadcaster due to their anger over the comment made by Burgos. Instead, Barcelona head coach Xavi and PSG head coach Luis Enrique chose to speak to other media outlets, such as TNT Sports, following the match.

Paragraph 4:
Following the game, Burgos reportedly apologized for his comment, stating that it was made without the intention of causing offense. He expressed regret if anyone had felt offended and attributed his comment to attempting humor.

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