PSG manager Luis Enrique expresses concern over ISIS Champions League threat.

A chilling poster was released by the Al Azaim Foundation, featuring the four stadiums hosting Champions League matches with the message “kill them all.” The Al Azaim Foundation is known to be a media outlet used by the Islamic State to spread its hateful messages. As a result, heightened security measures have been implemented in response.

The spokesperson for UEFA confirmed that the Champions League matches would proceed as planned, despite the alleged terrorist threats. UEFA is working closely with authorities at the respective venues to ensure appropriate security arrangements are in place for the matches. Despite the reassurance from UEFA, many are still worried about attending matches in London, Paris, and Madrid to support their teams.

One such individual is Enrique, who is looking forward to the game against his former team, Barcelona, before returning to Spain for the second leg next week. This situation may lead to increased security measures and concerns for fans attending the matches.

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