Liverpool could finalize Ruben Amorim deal ‘in next few days’ following Xabi Alonso setback.

According to reports, Liverpool is looking to appoint Ruben Amorim as their manager in the near future. The current Sporting boss has been identified as the top target to succeed Jurgen Klopp, who announced his departure from Liverpool this summer due to feeling ‘running out of energy’ in the role. This has prompted Liverpool to quickly draw up a shortlist of potential candidates, with Bayer Leverkusen’s Xabi Alonso initially identified as their top target but subsequently ruling out a move. Attention has now turned to Amorim, with negotiations expected to begin soon to reach an agreement over his appointment.

Amorim has not ruled out a move away from Sporting, stating that his decision will depend on the club’s future and their performance in upcoming games. However, he emphasized his commitment to the club’s success, expressing that he can’t make a decision until they win titles and fulfill his promise to leave if they don’t achieve success. Liverpool is eager to start negotiations with Amorim’s representatives to secure him as their coach before other clubs can make a move for him. The text also mentions that Sporting has a tough set of upcoming fixtures, which is currently preventing negotiations from happening.

Nonetheless, it is expected that a deal will be reached in the coming days.

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