Jeff Stelling criticizes Sky Sports for ‘biased’ coverage of Brighton vs Arsenal

The Gunners made progress towards Premier League victory with goals by Bukayo Saka, Kai Havertz, and Leandro Trossard, a former Seagulls player. Alan Smith, a former Gunners striker, and Rob Hawthorne provided commentary for the match.

Smith expressed his concern about the imbalance in the commentary team, suggesting the inclusion of more neutrals in future broadcasts to achieve a fair representation. Stelling, who worked with Sky for over 25 years before leaving Soccer Saturday last summer, cited disenchantment with the show’s direction as his reason for departure.

He felt that his views were not being considered and the workload was taking a toll on his health. Eventually, Stelling approached Sky’s management and expressed that the situation was impacting his well-being, leading him to step away from the show.

He lamented the show’s departure from its previous distinctive style, expressing relief upon disengaging to alleviate his stress and maintain his health.

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