Guardiola explains Phil Foden’s grumpiness in the Man City boss

Phil Foden sustained an injury during the game at the Bernabeu and his participation in Manchester City’s upcoming Premier League match against Luton is uncertain. Despite his injury, the 23-year-old was eager to continue playing in the match against Luton.

Pep Guardiola shared that Foden was unhappy when he was substituted for Julian Alvarez. Guardiola explained that Foden was grumpy with him for making the substitution despite eventually scoring a fantastic goal.

In light of Foden’s injury, Guardiola emphasized the importance of having all the team members available for the next match, expressing the need for their energy to triumph in the competition. He praised the team’s strong start and acknowledged the difficulty of playing against the opposition’s solid defense and impressive pace.

Guardiola clarified that Foden’s injury was a knock and remarked on the player’s dissatisfaction with being substituted. This statement was made in the context of a post-match interview in which Guardiola provided insight into Foden’s injury after the 3-3 match.

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